2019 is not a year of the Olympics, world cup soccer or even US presidential election! That means no big events to take away the spotlight, which is ideal for the film industry. For the last couple years, Hollywood is suffering from super hero fever. With the growing on-screen battle between Marvel and DC, movies loaded with high end visual effects and costumed superheroes are the most profitable ventures these days.  As a result, super heroes are hitting the screen almost every month in this year!

The most-awaited movie of the year is certainly the penultimate part of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, which is titled as End Game.  Last year, ‘Infinity War’ was the highest grossing film and the earnings took it to the rank of 4th highest grossing film of all time. The last installment of the phase 3 of Marvels Cinematic universe is set to be released on April 26 this year. But before the bunch of superheroes hit the screen, Marvel is launching their very own and most powerful superhero, Captain Marvel.

First big superhero release of the year will be ‘Captain Marvel’, which will hit the theaters on March 8. Based on the character created by Marvel Comics, the movie is a period piece based on the origin story of Carol Danvers. Hints of the existence of the most powerful super hero in MCU were hidden among the previous movies and now finally it’s time for Captain Marvel to rise and shine. In the post credit scene of Infinity War, Nick fury sent an SOS via pager and we saw the symbol of Captain Marvel in the screen. As half the universe is vanished with the twitch of Thanos, Earth must unleash her greatest power to stop this megalomaniac. We could see Carol fighting along the remaining Avengers against Thanos in End Game, but before that we will see her origin story. The story of US air force pilot Carol Danvers, who had her DNA infused with a highly intelligent and strong alien race Kree. This mutation granted her super powers and made her a member of Starforce, an elite intergalactic military unit of Kree. With Brie Larson as Carol Danvers, Jude Law as Commander of Starforce and Carols mentor, the movie will be released on March 8.

The summer of 2019 will be even hotter as the release of ‘End Game’ nears. We have seen the huge demand for tickets in Bangladesh for the ‘Infinity War’. Multiplexes ran extra shows due to huge demand of tickets. Cliffhanger ending of ‘Infinity War’ made the viewers much more eager for the next installment. The mercury is rising since the release of the trailer of End Game, which earned astronomical views in video sharing websites.  In the two and half minute-long trailer, we see IRON MAN AKA Tony Stark delivering a monologue. Stranded in a spacecraft, Tony is recording a video message with the camera of his Iron Man armor headpiece. The spacecraft, which were used by the ‘Guardians of Galaxy’ members, was floating in space, clearly visible that it ran out of fuel. Tony is starving, thirsty and weak. Back on Earth, Scarlet Witch is found in conversation with Captain America. She was telling about the horrors of Thanos. Thor sounds very sad about the loss of his brother and other members of Avengers but Captain America sounds determined to avenge the loss. The biggest revelation of the trailer is the appearance of Ant-Man. In the movie ‘Ant-man and The Wasp’, we found that Scott Lang AKA Ant-man was stuck the quantum realm while his associates, Dr Hank Pym, Hope and Janet melted into thin air as a consequence of Thanos’s sweeping out half the population of the universe. So, Ant-Man, Captain Marvel along with the remaining Avengers must put an end to the monstrosity called Thanos. To see how they do it, wait till April 26.

Before the Russo brothers put an end to the phase 3 of Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC is coming up with their superhero Shazam. A big muscular superhero with the mind of a teenager, Shazam is a blend of mystery and comedy. Billy Batson is an orphan. After switching his foster parents for multiple times, suddenly he met an ancient wizard who gave him some supernatural powers. Whenever 14-year-old Billy utters the word SHAZAM, instantly he grows into an adult muscular person with superhuman strength and various abilities.

In June, the new movie of X-Men franchise will hit the theaters. ‘Dark Phoenix’ will tell the story of the metamorphosis of Jean Grey. She is losing control over her power and causing calamities. Professor X and his team must put her back to sanity, otherwise doomsday is inevitable. X-MEN series has its own audience and hopefully this movie will also live up to the expectation. In July, right after the ‘Independence Day of America’, Peter Parker will be swing around the theaters! Second solo movie of ‘Spider-Man’ after Marvel got the rights back, ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ will feature Mysterio, the illusionist. The trailer is already out and we can see our friendly neighborhood ‘Spider-Man’ is taking on the super villain group called Elementals.

First quarter of this year is loaded with superhero movies. The trend is stretched to the middle. Then there will be a lean period for superheroes. Not for the viewers, though, because they will be seeing the live action movie of Aladin, Lion King, Next instalment of ‘Fast and Furious’ and many more exciting movies till October.  Late Heath Ledger earned many accolades posthumously for his role as Joker in ‘The Dark Knight’. Now, DC is bringing up the origin story of this heinous super villain in a self-titled movie where Joaquin Phoenix will be playing the role of Joker. The movie will hit the theater on 4th of October. During Christmas, there is a possibility of a reboot of He-Man. The very popular toy line and comic book was once converted into a live action movie back in 1987. Talks of bringing back the series to silver screen were on for last few years. Recent reports suggest that the whole script writing part is being done by new writers. There is a tentative release date by the end of this year. Let’s put the fingers crossed and see anything could be done by the power of GreySkull! Besides the live action films, some animated films based on superheroes are on their way. ‘Batman: Hush’, ‘Justice League vs Fatal Five’, ‘Wonder Women: Bloodlines’ and a few more projects are on the cards.

A good number of superhero movies will blaze the screen this year, but all eyes will be on ‘End Game’ for sure. Hopefully, that will not be the endgame for other movies!

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