The US Government has revoked Huawei’s license for popular apps sometime during last spring. However, the executive of Huawei, Fred Wangfei has suggested that they might take the high road and continue developing their own app instead of going back to the past in order to avoid future mishaps, if the ban is lifted.

Huawei had then issued a statement, “An open Android ecosystem is still our first choice, but if we are not able to continue to use it, we have the ability to develop our own.” Huawei has reportedly invested $3 billion this year to incentivize more than 4,000 developers to improve the company’s mobile services system while another billion is reserved for marketing strategies.


In contradiction, Android has also firmly supported Huawei’s decision and wants the company to stick to their words, “Maybe it’s time for Huawei to go all-in on Harmony OS and do what it can to bring a viable alternative to Android and iOS…”

It has been further reported that after analyzing the raw materials, financial resources and the talent pool of the company, Huawei may be able to bring in a third variable in the two-competitor world of Android and IOS. There would most definitely be certain losses, as the company tries to fit into their own plan while fighting legally and to understand their own grounds, but it will indefinitely prohibit Huawei from suffering through the losses of yet, another ban or two.

A vital obstacle in their journey to this innovation would be encouraging the population in accepting the new: Harmony OS. Living through the US ban and other spontaneous accusations against the company like, IP theft, fraud, espionage etc is harder than surviving in the midst of the strongest competitors. Regardless of such havoc, Huawei has the ultimate advantage of delivering something new to the market and a change.

Who knows, this could be the next biggest boom in the industry after Android and IOS, as Huawei has the potential to serve it eloquent

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    • Jaideep Majumdar -

    • February 3, 2020 at 17:40 pm

    Very good and timely article.

    Huawei is interestingly poised as far as its fight for legitimate acceptance is concerned and at the same time, it has ventured into the new mobile OS project. The organization does have the gumption to take on Andriod and IOS. Huawei’s moves are definitely going to be keenly watched in the near future.

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