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The answer to this question depends on the experiences you can remember from when you were just a child. Technically speaking, there have been arguments about who we can call 90’s kids. As some consider basing on arguable constitutions, it is said that someone is a 90’s kid if they were born in the years 1984 to 1988. According to them, those are the people who were adequately grown to entirely experience the events of the 90s decade. With no definite rules binding us, all of us who were born in the decade of 1990, consider ourselves as 90s kids.

People who are somewhat familiar with pop-culture trends and actively spend time on social media know the craze about being a 90’s kid. The social media trends and feeds are filled with posts that highlight being a 90’s kid as a superior thing. Even some advertising campaigns and promotional activities adopted this 90’s kid craze as one of their tools to promote their offerings. But, what memories do we have to claim ourselves as a 90’s kid? Let us take a walk down the memory lane of the 90s to know what have we left behind.

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People were busy on their computers, sitting in front of their CRT monitors. The thick and fat monitor screens, emitting retro lights, could be found in that decade. Their files took longer to transfer; also, only transferable by the square-shaped floppy disks. Back then, the houses had VCR players to run the VCRs to light up the family evenings. The whole family used to wait for a VCR of any event to run so that they all could enjoy it together. Radio and tape recorders were in fame back then, and the cassettes with rotating holes to rewind and play favorite songs or anything from the recorded list.

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Later, the kids found a new form of fascination to drool over when Play Station 1 spread out like wildfire. Competing that, Nintendo and GameBoy came in action to create a vast segment of early gamers. Sony brought in the shiny circular disks: CDs, replacing the VCRs’ and cassettes’ popularity in the 90s. And by the late 90s, came in Walkman, triggering up the craze in a portable size. The teenagers then walked around in style, with earphones plugged in. The Walkman obsession toned down after the introduction of the iPod in the later years, which came in with revolutionizing white earphones.

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The pop music ringing in their earphones was of Backstreet Boys, Michael Jackson and rocked by Linkin Park and others. In some other zone of time, every other person would walk in style and a device would beep in their pockets or waist: pager, a fascinating little device to receive texts from friends and colleagues. It is not very long ago when letters got obsolete. The whole 90s was a decade of letters and mails. Every house would have a mailbox outside, sometimes painted in red. The family would wait a week or so, for just one letter from their loved ones. Letters had interesting stories like sending anonymous letters to prank people or maybe to express secrets, reading of confidential letters that were sent to other family members, and receiving of grades in the mailbox and meeting parents’ wrath afterward.

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We all bear memories in our lives, and the 90s decade is a significant one in our diaries. Whether you have experience with any of the above-mentioned events or not, if you are a 90s born, you can proudly walk around claiming yourself as a 90s kid. There may have been differences in culture and practices, but no matter what different world you lived in with whatever distinct incidents to run down your life, the 90s, of course, hold a special place in our hearts.

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