Movies have shaped our lives in ways that we cannot comprehend that easily by words. The movie industry is not only business now, but it is also an entire world inside the real one. The era has come to a point where we feel more close to reel characters than the real-life ones. That is the significance of movies in our lives. The stories in movies might be fictional, but the emotions boiled up for them are very real and pure. We have laughed with movies, we have cried with them. We feel the remorse of the reel characters on-screen, we feel their joy and satisfaction; we celebrate their achievement, we get upset about their failure. We express disgust, anger, and aggression, though we know what we are seeing is not real. But we feel the movies under our skin, as real as the blood in our nerves. The movies inspire us, they make us regret; movies make us realize things of real life that would have not understood otherwise. The contribution of movies in our lives will never end, as we grow with them and they grow in us.

The year 2019 has been very significant for the movie industry as we have seen some of the unique and timeless gems being gifted to us. The movies were something beyond their categories, they were milestones. The audiences were not only impressed, but they were overwhelmed with emotions about the movies. We have also seen some interesting battles in the box office among the movies, and also some battles out of the theatres by the crazy fans to find the premiere tickets of their favorite screenings.

First, let us look into the most popular movie station in this whole world: Hollywood. In 2019, Hollywood gave us some movies to remember. One of the most popular production houses, Marvel, became a pioneer of the Hollywood industry by giving lives to all the comic book characters. In 2019, Marvel was all set to take the box office by storms with their most anticipated superhero film saga’s most crucial installmentAvengers: Endgame”. To surpass the power-packed superhero actions, DC came up with a hard-on competition Joker”. This film was much anticipated and the concept being idolized from before, Joaquin Phoenix lifted the bar by giving an Oscar-worthy performance.

On the other side, Keanu Reeves stole hearts by giving his face to JohnWick once again in its third installment. Childhood nostalgia of the 90s kids reflected on the screens when The Lion King, Aladdin, Frozen 2, Toy Story 4 and It Chapter 2 had their releases.

Along these, Hollywood saw the legendary actors Al Pacino and Robert Di Nero bid adieu to the movie screens through their last presentation:The Irishman. With El Camino, the producers have fed the yearnings of all the “Breaking Bad” fans who eagerly waited for any sequel to the series to happen, even after a decade. Nonetheless, many other prominent star-casted movies like Once upon a time…in Hollywood, Rambo: Last Blood, The Lighthouse, Ford vs Ferrari graced the screens of Hollywood.

Apart from Hollywood, the next biggest box office is claimed to Bollywood of India. Including Bollywood and the neighboring box offices, some films made marks from South East Asia too. “Gully Boy” came common in some prominent Indian filmmakers’ top list; and Soni, Section 375, Hotel Mumbai and Article 15 were acclaimed to have made a very bold impact on the world of cinema.

A film named Made in Bangladesh won several nominations and was aired in more than 70 theatres in Europe. This film from Bangladesh was even praised in the International Film Festival. Continuation of social issues also followed in South Indian films like Kumbalangi Nights and “Prathi Poovankozhi.

Two of the special mentions that took the social media trends to the next level were NoDorai” and Star Wars: The rise of Skywalker”.NoDorai” created a massive hype in Bangladesh even before its release, only with its trailer and a song that got on every Bengali lips “Jontrona”. The movie, having most scenes shot on the language of Chattogram, portrays a bold girl who runs away from all her restrictions to chase her dream of surfing. And a similar craze, but this to be more worldwide, was of Baby Yoda. This character from Star Wars’ latest installment gained popularity like a rushing wildfire. The people unknown to the “Star Wars” name now have Baby Yoda embedded in their minds by the grace of social media. Baby Yoda reached such an extent of popularity that every other Facebook page started using Baby Yoda to deliver their posts, even different product pages have launched various Baby Yoda merchandise.

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