Spoiler – You’re too young, if you don’t recognize all these cartoons. And might as well, rectify that.90’s child in this horizon is left with nothing but the gnawing feeling of reminiscing nuggets and memoir of SpongeBob’s snort-laugh or Tom running to claw Jerry alive. As we slithered out of bed to watch our revered morning cartoons on a Sunday, it dawns an unfamiliar affection upon us till this date of what was rather overly but accurately fantasized as the best cartoons of all time. Will kids these days ever know the joy of catching a ‘Pokémon’? Will they know the extension of laziness patronized by ‘Lazy Town’?Our memories roll up as reels of filtered cartoons; where dragons felt real and “we wished, we wished with all our hearts, to fly with dragons in a land apart!” If you’re one of those believers of poorly constructed and categorized Gen-Z’s; sadly, you wouldn’t know. Every song, every syllable made us race back to our living rooms to gaze at our favorite protagonists of that time, we would either eat in a hurry or skip food altogether for a glimpse of our preferred show but who were we kidding? It was never a glimpse; it was always a chain of blood draining binge-watch with tear streaming aftermaths. But, only we knew the ecstatic spark of not missing a mono-second of ‘Baby Looney Tunes’ after a dreadful day in school.Never were the 00’s kids secluded by comedy alone, it was always an enigma what Dexter conjured in his laboratory – which again makes us all wonder, did Dee Dee soak up all ounces of annoyance after all or did it stop altogether? Where are they all now? Will we ever get to see Mammy Two Shoes’s face which was mysteriously obscured and shoved away from the big screen at all times in ‘Tom and Jerry’? Those were ‘great days’ or ‘masterpieces’ some would say, while others would just scrunch up their nose and frown at the blatant lack of emotion, education and quality that the cartoons portray in this era. While the smell of cookies rang bells of time nearing up to air our most liked cartoon and the hyperactive patience of ours built up, children now don’t even know the value of such melancholy.80’s and 90’s kids lived in the age of VCR’s and broken records, where every trivial cartoon was plugged because they deserved the attention, even cartoons as nostalgic as ‘CatDog’ or ‘Courage the Cowardly Dog’. Pink dog and in another dimension a cat and dog conjoined? We would take that over any dubbed cartoon any day. It’s cliché but it’s iconic and that’s the reason why it’s embedded within our hearts, never leaving our hindsight of what each of these characters ensemble, although the events or episodes may quiver due to weakened memory. We chanted, recited and chorused versus from theme songs of ‘PowerPuff Girls’, another great show which exhibited Bubbles, Buttercup and Bubbles who fought against the most unsettling yet, prevailing evil characters of all time – Mojo Jojo. They hadn’t only won over their fictitious town through sugar, spice and everything nice but key-chained our hearts too in the process.
The superhero fanatics weren’t lacking behind either, as animated versions of ‘Superman’ and ‘Batman’ aired, creating further more constructive division of who’s more powerful and who’s cooler or in contradiction, if it was actually unhip to wear undergarments above Superman’s attire. ‘Rugrats’ claimed how momentous and fascinating it was to see the world through the eyes of an infant. That cartoon alone has visualized gory animation style, all types of shenanigans, perspective of growing into a clueless adult with real-life struggles and diversity.Innovation also sky-rocketed with cartoons like ‘Captain Planet and the Planeteers’ which had induced and fought off first world issues while making it enticing to watch. Ample amount of happiness was delivered as ‘Noddy’ drove his way through town jerking his head back and fro with his hat’s bell ringing, inviting in the notion of another great episode.

Men with loyalty issues now have grown up fishing inspiration from ‘Johnny Bravo’, while the desperately reluctant tropes of submitting to a 9-5 job and rather gear up as a detective are blessings of ‘Swat Cats’.There will always be a sense of partial impairment when it comes to which generation accumulated glorified cartoons, may that include ‘Hey Arnold!”, “Tiny Toon Adventures”, “Arthur”, or “Rocko’s Modern Life” – they’re all rooted within our feelings and emotions so deep, that modern or greater cartoons will always have a loss of certain element which the 90’s cartoons hold. They were an emotion, felt and basked by a generation which only conceded to watching them rather than mere diversions of technology. These cartoons alone were our diversion – and so far, unparalleled.

Ebana Haque


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