While preferences and feud ricochet about who likes which better, it really depends upon what comforts an individual the most. It isn’t always about the whirlpool of weight loss, antioxidants, harmful effects or the sleep cycle. As much as tea could soothe one’s soul, coffee could be the reciprocal for the rest.

Although, the health effects of each are controversial, it solely relies on who’s most inclined towards which form of drug, its abuse and reuse. Both tea and coffee presumably have beneficial reduced risk of various diseases. Starting from the beans or tea leaves that are meticulously hand-picked, the aroma of each element inhaled upon to assure its authenticity or the entire leading market of expensive production system; to imagine that it’s all for the purpose of advancing onto serving the calmness of one’s soul, mind and body is tremendous.

Where coffee lovers, rejoice with or without a whipped cream topping and tea enthusiasts indulge in its multi-natured flavor, scent and procurements; we are all very divided when it comes to which is better. However, for the peaceful indulgence of each significant liking to remain in its comfort; neither should be belittled or dignified. Just two people with varying opinions, gradually multiplying into two very standardized nations.

Coffee and Tea can have its own drama and artistic nature with seduction that precludes the thought, minds and taste buds of fellow drinkers. May it be paired with a decadent chocolate cake or moist yet, crunchy cookie, coffee and tea have been glued to our hearts and hands since Ethiopia had discovered coffee and Yunnan originated tea. What do all architects, artists, dancers, corporates, teachers, students or readers have one thing embedded in their nature? A cup of piping hot coffee or tea that sits next to them, travelling from one room to the adjacent one with tiny sips of pleasure stolen every second or two.
Honoré de Balzac
 wrote that,

“Coffee sets blood in motion and makes the motivated spirits spring”.

While, Douglas Kennedy replaced cigarettes with a “passionate relationship with caffeine” and drinks 6 cups of coffee a day!

Mortal souls and enthusiasts are enchanted by everything regarding the art of coffee or tea as simple rituals or routine, a source of inspiration, energy or a blast of blood fuming in anticipation of adrenaline to enjoy with or without the compliance of being in a society or in solitary; coffee and tea is a pleasure that boggles all but is addictive in its own aura.

But then again, amidst all the rich taste and aroma of Mocha, Latte, Green tea or Jasmine and its defined sweetened, creamed, iced or hot nature; the two closely knotted yet poles apart contentment are associated with one simple yet, triggering question – Coffee or Tea?

Ebana Haque


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I wonder where else can someone find peace if not within the vulnerabilities of reading. However, in all honesty I like people who don’t read like I like my tea. I don't like tea.

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