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Mohabbat Morshed: Housewives, who are fondly called as ‘homemakers’ nowadays, largely count on their husbands or male family members for financial support. As our society is patriarchal in nature, women are discouraged to work outside. They are advised and sometimes even forced to stay inside home and take care of children and other family members. However, with the passage of time the society and its mindset are changing to a great extent owing to the fact that the civilization has experienced a revolution in the technology sector. And technological advancement is opening up many opportunities for women who were earlier deprived in many ways. So, if someone is hell-bent on doing something for herself, then there are so many options now. A woman can engage herself in many sectors to earn money. Here are some ways to try out:

App-based cooking services

Despite all the barriers women face in our society when it comes to making a place for themselves the situation is changing due to the fact that several online home-made food delivery services are helping these women to be befitted financially. They can now earn extra money with the help of what they do every day– cooking. Different app-based food delivery services now hire home cooks (housewives) for cooking home-made foods that are then sold to the prospective customers. One such app is ‘Food Peon’. Women can get registered with this app and be their chefs who will cook for the app’s customers. Every registered chef will have their own kitchen profile describing the kinds of dishes they are offering and its prices. Through this app, women can easily earn by their cooking skills and deliver homemade hygienic food to the customers.

Foodpeon has now over 200 kitchens in the major areas such as Gulshan, Baridhara, Banani, Malibagh, Dhanmondi, Mirpur, Uttara and some other places within Dhaka city serving quality food to the customers. Another such app is ‘Home Chef’. This is one of those homemade food delivery service providers co-operating with housewives. In this platform, most of the chefs are women and they are always encouraged to share new recipes and the best ones receive various types of gifts. Besides, women can also sell their foods through this platform. So, this is another good way to earn for housewives. Here it is mentionable that such facility is so far limited to the capital city. So, only women living in Dhaka can avail of such apps. However, people related to these apps have said that they are working to expand this service outside Dhaka as well.

Boutique business as an earning source

We often forget that we can earn by means of what we can do best. This is particularly true for women in our country. They have lots of skills but they don’t know how to utilize those skills for their benefits. For instance, there are lots of women in our country who can sew things well and make design on it as well (widely known as embroidery), but they don’t know that such works are highly expensive. Women who are reluctant to go outside their home can earn a handsome amount of money by embroidering clothes and selling those to others. For example, a woman can produce hand-embroidered Nakshi Kathas (a type of embroidered quilt) and sell those. One important observation is that such Nakshi are in high demand among the affluent class and very expensive as well. A woman can sell those to different brands buying such things and even some brands buy different kinds of handicrafts prepared by women. So, there are lots of such opportunities. Amena Begum, a housewife living in Bogura, shared her story. She said, “My in-laws are not willing to let me do a job. But I have always wanted to do something for myself and my family. So, I thought why don’t I use my skills and do something right from my home. Eventually, I started doing embroidery works on plain clothes (three-pieces). Then I hired a boy who can move from door to door and sell my clothes. After a few months I discovered that people are buying my clothes and I am earning quite a good amount of money.”

Online business

Starting a business is too heavy an idea to afford for the women. But no worries- this is the 21st century. Now everything is available online. And this could become a housewife’s greatest strength, if she wants to make right use of it. If you are a housewife and have offspring to take care of, then an online business is the perfect option to make easy money for you. You can open a page on a social networking site without spending a single penny and run your business. No investment (I mean no security money and monthly rent), great turnover- isn’t it a great idea? If you are running out of ideas, get some from us. For example, you can open a page to sell baby products. First of all, buy baby products from the wholesalers and then offer competitive prices on your page after analysing the market price. You will see that lots of people are eager to buy your products as you will offer relatively lower price. And remember that people in this post-modern age are getting increasingly lazy, so there is always a prospect for online services.

So, come on girls, with all the information at your disposal, it’s time for you to decide which route to take. It’s now or never. It’s time to prove to the world that a housewife can manage her family and contribute to the family financially in the meantime.


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