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There is a popular saying in the culinary industry – one cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well. The adage is indeed true because food is so important for our health as well as for our taste buds. Food entertains us, makes us nostalgic and even sometimes it helps us stay forgetful of those hard feelings. However, for some people food is their first love – they are called foodies. As the culinary industry is growing in our country, so is the number of foodies. If you are young, enthusiastic and ready to explore, our capital Dhaka is the place for you where you will find lots of places offering you the best cuisines from all around the world. If you are at the right place with the right people, your short stay can turn into a memorable experience. Here are some places where you can go with your friends or family members to satisfy your craving for food and at the same time pass some quality time:

Bailey Road

Bailey road is a well-known thoroughfare in Dhaka and a place that is reputed for numerous restaurants located on both sides of the street. It was once a classic road in Dhaka as couples used to hang out there. Bailey Road was so popular among youths that it was even featured in a song of the same name by Ayub Bachchu. However, as many other places have come to be known as food hubs in the capital, this road has gradually lost its appeal to some extent.  


Surprisingly, the main street of Khilgaon (Chowdhury Para road) has undergone a huge makeover in the last few years. Once deserted this place has now turned into one of the major hubs of restaurants. Youths from surrounding areas and even distant areas regularly gather here to satiate their taste buds as so many exquisite restaurants have been set up in this area. Most importantly, most of those restaurants serve sumptuous dishes and so, you will see a rush of foodies in all the places there. If you make your mind to going there, then you can feel assured that you are going to get everything you want. If you are a coffee lover, then ‘Apon Coffe House’ and ‘Popeyes Café’ are there to make you sip to the last drop. If you want to taste something exotic like ‘Mexican Nachos’, then ‘Sub Lovers’ is the best choice since their nachos will force you to lick your fingers. Moreover, restaurants like ‘Cherry Drops’, Al Fresco etc. offer very yummy pizzas in the city to the foodies at an affordable price.   


There is no denying that Gulshan is like a food paradise to many, foreigners living in Dhaka in particular. Gulshan is always ready to greet you with infinite opportunities to please your gastronomic senses. There is a plethora of exquisite restaurants to choose from offering authentic dishes. One can try Thai, Chinese, Mexican or Sri Lankan foods and the list goes on. Most importantly the aesthetic beauty of those places will blow your senses and make you feel so serene that you cannot help but eat. Well, if you have a craving for seafood, look no further other than ‘The fish and co’ that offers an exquisite collection of fishes. Another option is ‘Saltz’. The décor with its intentionally dimmed lights is complementary to the menu and here in this place you can have the biggest lobsters in the city.

Mirpur (Original 10)

There is a road in original Mirpur 10 that goes straight to the stadium area and that road turns into one of the most vibrant places in the city once the sun sets in the west. It’s impossible to avoid street foods available in the makeshift shops there, where sidewalk vendors offer different delicious fast food items at a very cheap rate. Moreover, girls throng this area in the evening as there are some makeshift stands there who have already earned repute for serving mouth-watering fuchka/chotpoti.   


If you are longing for a long drive and a food corner as well, then Purbachal is the answer. Even a few years ago people would feel scared to come to this part of the city as this area was completely deserted. But now the situation has taken a complete reverse. The bazaar (marketplace) in Purbachal has become a prime location for the foodies. Meanwhile, there is literally a bazaar located in that place and farmers come here to sell fresh produces. You will get fresh vegetables, pure milk and what not. And the biggest attraction of this place is the sweetmeat shops. A wide array of sweets are always on display there and those sweets are served hot, so that your taste buds don’t feel compromised. However, if you are diabetic and don’t want to indulge in the delicacies of sweets, don’t worry. There is something for them as well – a series of shops offering sea fishes (both fired and barbecued).  

In short, if you are thinking of lightening up your mood, visit any of these places with your friends and you are sure to create some unforgettable memories. Just be yourself and let loose!  

Old Dhaka

No matter in which part of the city you live, when it comes to sumptuous dishes Old Dhaka is second to none. People living in this area of the capital are lovingly called ‘foodies’ (‘vojon bilashi’ in Bengali). In particular, if you taste biriyani here, there is no denying that you will have to come back time and again in this part of the capital. Two brands, Haji Biriyani and Nanna Biriyani, have already earned so much repute that they have opened many other branches around the city to cater to the growing culinary demands of the foodies. Moreover, if you pay a visit to Old Dhaka and do not have ‘special tea’ of Sultan Vai available at Victoria Park, then your visit will remain incomplete. Bakorkhani is another traditional bakery product that is sure to grab your attention. Apart from these, different restaurants in that area offer different delectable dishes (inspired from Mughal period) to the food lovers.

Tajmahal Road, Mohammadpur

There is a saying – something that is not available anywhere else can be found in the Bihari camp. The saying is true to its words as you are sure to find lots of exceptional dishes at the Bihari camp located in Mohammadpur. To be particular, kebabs prepared there are really tasty. Meanwhile different other eateries have recently been set up on Tajmahal Road, Mohammadpur. As a result, young people from the surrounding areas flock to this area in the evening to hang out with friends and family members.


It’s Uttara after all. Of course, there’s amazing food here in this place! People dwelling in that area no more need to go to other areas to have delicious dishes. There are so many international food chains (Burger King, KFC, Johnny Rockets etc.) located in Uttara where you can go to create some lasting memories. Meanwhile, many cafes have opened up to meet the tastes of people from all walks of life. For example- there is café named ‘Coffee Glory’ in Sector 1, Uttara. It offers twelve kinds of coffee that are imported from foreign countries like Jamaica, Brazil, Indonesia and Colombia.

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