You may ask this to any Bengali child you know and I’m 100% sure you will get the same response. We all, to some extent relate to the fact that some or most of our parents are overprotective towards us in almost every step of our lives. From going out with our friends to deciding which career path we should choose our parents are always thinking everything for us.

Before starting anything we all should know when are we crossing that fine line of protectiveness and landing directly to the overprotective zone. I know it is very hard for the parents not to think about the safety of their kids but instead of setting each and every path for them all parents should allow them to follow their own path. Yes! In our early growing up stage we children think that as a burden but if we look closely parents trying to protect us is just a gesture of their love towards us.

Nothing is good if it gets out of its limit and so is love. Love for anything and for anyone should have its own limit. For example, when we buy a new pair of white sneakers we try to be extra careful when we are wearing them. We avoid the dirt on roads and jump past the puddles, all to keep our shoes clean and spotless. Now that is love. But if we don’t wear it at all and decide to keep it in the box because we love it,that is us being overprotective. Now we, on the other hand are the best and most precious possession of our parents, of course they will try their heart and soul to keep us away from any danger or heartbreak. But keeping us inside the house, not letting us see and explore the world, not letting us know about the people around us is being overprotective.

We all know those type of parents who won’t let their children go out to play and are always very cautious about the type of friends their children are mixing with by the fear they will mix with bad apples and mostly they keep their children busy with a tablet or an android phone. Those children in the long run wouldn’t know the importance of sports and physical activities also they lack social skills and face a lot of problems in later life and those kids are being introduced to the world of internet in a very early stage of their lives. From giving a job interview, talking to their colleagues or making a formal conversation those children are most likely to suffer from an inferiority complex and have low self-esteem. They lack the experience of judging people, they are likely to have trust issues and lack of general knowledge.

Kids that are locked from the outer world are more likely to grow interest on bad sides or get easily attracted to the forbidden fruit ,the moment they get a chance to go free they indulge themselves into drugs or leaving the house before maturity hits them.

Parents should always find that place where they are not coming to the ways of their children’s future and their growth both mentally and physically. Children should feel understood and protected when they think of their parents and not fear them. We all remember those teen days when we would make a plan with our friends and the first thing that would pop in our heads are ,my parents won’t allow me” , they will first ask a million questions like, “with whom?” ,”Where?” , “For how long?” And  would give us hope that they will think about it and later they would  ruin it all with a “no”. If the answer was decided,then why bother asking! In a group of five, at least three people will process this entire conversation in their heads before making a plan and would eventually end up lying to their parents and go out anyway.

Parenting is a subtle art which if parents can handle properly its fruits will be sweet to both parents and their children. Instead of poking and suspecting their children parents should guide their children along the way, constantly keeping an eye on them if they are getting hurt, be their best friends so that they can share their tiniest stories with their parents without the fear of being judged or scolded.

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