Pink Floyd sang “Running over the same old ground, what have you found? Same old Fear.” Playing Resident Evil 2 (RE) is like feeling the same old fear. This survival horror game has earned a cult status among the gamers. When Capcom first announced that they are going to remake the classic Resident Evil 2 for the high-end consoles of present generation, many welcomed the decision. But some also raised eyebrows. Because, once the twist or climax is revealed, there is no fun in playing. How RE remake will live up to the expectation. But after seeing the global reaction, sales reports and moreover playing the game; you will get all you answer. RE remake is one of the best of its kind.

Let’s jump back to 20 years ago. In 1998, the speed of the processors was measured in Megahertz, average hard disk capacity was 4 Gigabytes, most systems used 32 Megabyte ram and 4K or HD display was not even in imagination! That was the time, when Resident Evil 2 hit the rack. The game was available for Windows PC, PlayStation, Nintendo64, Dreamcast, GameCube and With the course of time, Dreamcast and were left behind from the console race and dissolved. Nintendo shifted lanes and moved into interactive gaming, but PlayStation marched on. Now, PlayStation 4; the eight-generation console powered by quad core high performance possessors and graphics processing units will host the re-incarnation of Resident Evil 2 along with Xbox One, the gaming device from Microsoft. PC gamers can stay put, because like the initial one, the remake is also open to PC gamers as well.

Now, the story. Since the first release to till date, there had been 6 full-length feature film made on Resident Evil story arc. So, the present-day games pretty much know about what they are going to see or explore in the remake. The storyline is pretty close to the original. Raccoon City is a fictional Midwestern county somewhere in the United States of America. The city is located in some mountainous area. Under the city, there lies a secret laboratory of Umbrella Corporation, a pharmaceutical company trying to make biological weapons. One fine morning, things go wrong, a deadly virus broke out and it was turning all the living creatures of Raccoon city into deadly zombies. Surprisingly, two souls were spared. They are Claire Redfield, a college student who is looking for her brother and Leon S Kennedy, a police officer who on his first day of duty. Together they look for survivors and searching for a remedy of this catastrophe amid violent zombie attacks.

Fear lies in the deepest corners of our memories. RE remake ignites those primitive grey cells inside games head which will take him or her in to a dark fantasyland of zombie horror. The gothic style representation, the intimidating background sound design and the surprise elements will surely leave the gamer spellbound. With the improvement of hardware, the depth of graphics definitely got way better. The character designs, the ambience, the backdrops; all improved a lot. In the previous version, Leo’s face was barely visible under his brown hair. But in the remake, his eyes, even his streaks of hair are also vivid. Same goes for Claire, she looks even hotter in her blood colored jacket!

The gameplay is pretty similar. It’s all about surviving! Resident Evil is all about shooting the zombies with handguns or shotguns to stay alive. At the same time, gamers have to solve some puzzles to get access to certain areas. But in the remake version, the movements are seamless and fluid. Therefore controlling, aiming and shooting become much easier.

So, what’s the catch here? Why play RE remake? Just to pay homage to childhood sweetheart! Not really. RE remake will let you to face your inner fear. With all the upgrades in hardware and software, up grows the antagonists as well. They will startle the gamer in any moment. They will crawl down from the ceiling, pop up from the cupboards, jump in from dark corners or pounce from behind. It is the ever-ready mode what gamers have to adopt to survive in this house of horrors. Famous game website Gamespot ranked the game 9 out of 10. The reviewer, Alessandro Fillari wrote, “RE2 is a great mix of the understated survivalist approach from the original games and the tactile, reflex-oriented gameplay from more recent entries. It’s very much a game about escalation; as your resources dwindle and the monsters become fearsome and more elaborate, the pressure is always mounting as the story progresses, and each moment feels just a bit more desperate than the last. Even the smallest of victories can feel like major wins in RE2, and you’ll often find yourself onto the next struggle before you know it.” In a nutshell, it all comes down to only one thing, which is staying alive. The battle for survival, the ultimate for any living creature, the fight for life, this is what Resident Evil is all about.

Every living creature has six basic emotions; Anger, Disgust, Fear, Happiness, Sadness and Surprise. RE remake will take you in to a roller coaster ride of emotions where you will shiver in fear, celebrate the joy of winning the battles against powerful opponents, sometimes show disgust to the difficulty level, feel angry after losing a battle by whisker, caught by surprise and sometimes feel sad for some predicaments. So, to embark such an exciting journey, grab your copy and start playing! Some say, Old is Gold.  Resident Evil 2 Remake is a goldmine.

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