A boost of Pride, at a cheaper rate.

Samsung’s recent flagship phone, the galaxy note10+ has boosted not only the economy of Bangladesh but has also, swam its way through in enriching the nation’s pride. The well-known South Korean tech empire, Samsung has recently started manufacturing the said device in Bangladesh.
The Note10+ proclaims to be a sophisticated hand set designed like a computer with a multi-use friendly system of gaming, movie-tech camera and an intelligent pen. The first batch was delivered to the market in the first week of January which was locally assembled from Fair Electronics’, a manufacturing plant situated in Narsingdi.

With the blessing of such local establishment, the product became TK 31,300 cheaper and is selling at a price point of TK 113,000. The first batch of 1500 units has already been sold out. Due to the massive positive response, Fair Electronics are yet again stepping into assembling the Note10 Lite, another top-notch product of the Samsung family.Fair Electronics, so far has swept up 20lac units of 4G smartphones. The company is now said to be assembling 97% of all Samsung devices which are sold in Bangladesh and has an expectation of halting import altogether, after March as it seems to be highly capable of handling the domestic supply and demand. The company is forecasting to assemble 25 lac units of smartphones this year.
For the near future, Samsung is firing up to manufacture tablets locally. In addition, the company is manufacturing various other devices and models of Samsung starting from refrigerators, air conditioners, microwave ovens to televisions in the 58,000 square feet manufacturing plant.

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