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Right from the beginning of our childhood we grow up hearing ghost stories. It is very likely that many of us (millennial generation) have heard so many scary stories from our grandparents or other elderly relatives. No matter whether we believe those or not, the fact is that we feel thrilled and terrified to some extent whenever we get to know those stories. This is the reason many of us are curious about haunted places and their background significance. For those curious minds, here is a list of haunted places that are located in Dhaka:

A haunted flat in Dhanmondi 27

This is probably the most circulated location about the presence of paranormal thing. There is a particular flat in an apartment located in Dhanmondi 27 where paranormal activity has been reported. Popular story goes like this – a woman used to live in that flat. After she committed suicide nobody can last there for long. The house owner rented the flat several times to different individuals but all went in vain. No tenant could live there for months, consequently the landlord gave up hope. Now nobody lives in that flat. The landlord is so irritated with this issue that he did not even give permission to paranormal experts when they approached him for carrying out investigation in that particular flat.

New Airport Road

Many people believe that new airport road that goes straight to Uttara area is haunted by a ghost. And there are indeed some incidences to substantiate that claim. According to popular legends, people say that that ghost gets active at night and as a result accidents frequently occur in that road. Interestingly it’s true that that road is an accident-prone area despite the fact that it’s quite wide compared to other roads in Dhaka city.

47/2, an eerie house in Farmgate area       

The house widely known as 47/2 is creepy and is believed to have housed ghostly things. The house is abandoned and there is no owner to claim it. Even a documentary has been made about the presence of ghostly things in that house. According to that documentary, the owner of that house had many daughters. During the liberation war they all disappeared all of a sudden. After the liberation war many people tried to live there but nobody could stay there for long owing to some obscure reasons. Many people even died there and it was not clear whether those were murders or suicides. This is how this house came to be known as ‘haunted house’. A group of paranormal experts once investigated this place and not to mention they found some mysterious evidences that point to the existence of supernatural thing.

Lalbagh Fort

Horror lovers know that Lalbagh Fort is one of the most haunted historical places in Bangladesh. Though this place has some historical significance, this place is haunted as well. According to different accounts, there is a secret tunnel inside the fort. During the early days of its inception one man entered into the tunnel and he never came back. Later many people attempted the same thing and they all embraced the same fate. So now people believe that whoever enters into the tunnel never returns alive.

Under construction apartment in Banani

There is an under-construction building in Banani which is considered preoccupied by paranormal experts. According to an interview published in an English daily, members of Dhaka Paranormal Society, a paranormal investigation team based in Dhaka who explore the supernatural occurrences, claimed that they conducted investigation in that apartment and they found evidences of all sorts of devil-worshipping signs. One of their investigators was even scratched at that location. However they have refused to mention the exact location on confidentiality grounds.

Different haunted locations in Uttara

There are many stories regarding the presence of supernatural things in many of the houses located in Uttara. However paranormal experts have repeatedly denied to reveal the exact locations. According to one narrative, paranormal experts once captured a female voice on an audio recorder in a flat located in Uttara area which was not normally audible in the ears. However local people say that there are many more such flats in Uttara which are mostly left abandoned.

Well, there are many such eerie places in Dhaka. Some people say that Mirpur Indoor Stadium is haunted and even the students studying in the madrasahs located in the Lalbagh area of the capital have often experienced and shared such ghostly stories with their acquaintances. However it is difficult to just believe those stories as many of us think that ‘seeing is believing’. So, many of our readers may not accept that such supernatural thing really exists among us.

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