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Home is the place where we all want to go after our working hours. After your day-long labour when you step into your place, the ambience of it should be invigorating so that you feel prepared for the next day. If the situation is otherwise, you may feel totally vexed. So there is no denying that your home holds a special importance in terms of your mood and ability. And utmost importance should be given when it comes to decorating your home. However often it is observed that you may not have adequate money necessary to adorn your home or give your home a complete makeover. No worries – there are some way-outs for those people as well. For those running short of money here are some effective ideas to try out:

1. First of all, plan

Proper planning is the prerequisite for accomplishing something. After all, you don’t want to find yourself caught in situation when you see you don’t have enough money on your wallet to pull off the things. A little homework will decrease the likelihood of encountering any unpleasant situation while decorating your home. Firstly, find your inspiration from magazines or somewhere else and discuss with your designer to get an estimate about the cost. Once you get some ideas about the cost, now it will be easier for you to decide on the things you want to include in your décor plan.

2. Furniture fantasy

When you’re left with limited amount of money, you should spend it wisely. Furniture is a good place to spend your bucks because the furniture pieces that you will buy are going to last for years. Furniture put in a right way also defines your room in a marvelous way. Well, if you have limited budget, then you must know the places where you can find furniture at an affordable price. For example- you may visit the furniture market located in Mirpur Stadium area. There you are sure to find all kinds of furniture that you need to decorate your home at a comparatively cheap rate.

3. Buy Second Hand Items

If you don’t have even enough money to buy new furniture, don’t fret over! There is no shame in buying second-hand items. Ask your friends and family members if they have anything that they want to sell. Or you better visit some places where such items are sold. For example- there is a market in Uttara (near Uttara 14) area where second-hand furniture items are sold. Moreover just behind the DCC market located in Gulshan-1 there is a marketplace where used items are auctioned at competitive prices. You can try your luck there!     

Just remember while buying second-hand items that quality is more important than style. Check every inch of the piece before buying it and see whether you will have to spend more money to fix anything. If yes, then don’t buy it because you definitely don’t want to squander extra money.

4. Play with colours

A piece of good news for you – colours are cheap (if you compare it to other interior design elements). Give your home a completely different look by filling it with colours. Before you decide on colours, make sure you pick the colours that you love. If you are confused, paint small squares of each sample colour to choose which ones suit your taste. Once you have narrowed down the choices, you are ready to go and experiment with colours. However it’s always a good idea to go with bold colours such as pink. However if it’s the children’s room, then you can use multiple colours in the same room because children love varieties.

5. Customized items

If you are really running short of money, then why not use your own skills? Décor can reflect your personal thoughts and skills. So, use skills that you have to create your own items. For example- if you are an artist, paint something exclusively for your home. Then hang the painting in the wall. It will not only enhance the look of your home but also give a message to your guests that you are a good artist. In fact, people are spending even lakhs to buy paintings with a view to decorating their home. In this way you can save your money. Moreover if you have a huge collection of books, then show it off. Just buy a book corner and put all the books in it gracefully. That corner will also act as a showpiece for your home. Always remember that anything will work as long as you let your personality reflect in it.

Finally, if you are reluctant to spend money on these things, then create something very personal. Choose the best moments of your life and frame those moments – I mean make a photo collage with all the happy moments of your life and then hang those photo frames in the drawing room or bedroom. It will change the overall look of the room for something better.

Well, decorating your home within a budget frame is always a tough task. But with proper planning it can be done. Just be patient while putting your thoughts into it.   

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