What do you hate most in Dhaka? The most obvious answer from the majority will be Dhaka traffic. From everyday office goers to visiting foreign nationals, traffic of this city is a horrible experience. So, whenever you are planning to take your loved one out for a candle night diner, you might have to take care of so many things. For example, you have to check the Google map to get an idea about the traffic congestion. Depending on the information, you might check the Facebook page of the particular restaurant to see their business hours and finally, if you are not so lucky enough to own a vehicle, you might tap the icon of a ridesharing app in your smartphone. The hassles don’t end here.

Next, you call up someone, make him the direction understand and after the pickup, you leave yourself into the hands of destiny. Because, in Dhaka, you can’t predict or presume how much time it will take to reach the destination. May be some VIP paid a visit in that area, or some organization has decided to dig up the road to fix cable joints or gas pipe line or anything that comes in mind or it could be anything which could leave you sitting in the same place for hours. After the torment, if you can finally hit the table, you will find that most of your favorite dishes are out of stock! You might lose your appetite by the time you reach the destination; your fiancé might get furious and the food will get cold. In a nutshell, total disaster. But you can change the entire scenario with a magic wand(!), which is your smartphone, the very one which you used to call for the ride. Instead of going into the restaurant, you could order the same menu from that eatery and just seatback. Within an hour or two, you could have delicious warm meal and by the time the food comes, you could watch an episode of your favorite serial also.

In the age of 4G, online shopping is the new trend. People are ordering dresses, books, cell phones, even laptops and other stuffs from online stores. The experience is mixed with good and bad ones in Bangladesh, but the scene is gradually changing and turning better. Same goes for the food delivery services as well. Initially, it had some glitches. But with the time being and new organizations stepping into the business, the competition level has got higher. So, the aspects like punctuality, customer service go higher which is ultimately good for us, the customers.

Logo of KFC, Pizza Hut and Foodpanda

Pizza Hut launched their own delivery service called Pizza Hut Delivery or PHD. They deliver items from Pizza Hut and KFC in some areas of Dhaka, Chattogram and Sylhet. Their delivery area is based on the location of their stores. The coverage area is a certain radius around the Pizza Hut or KFC shop. Most of the food delivery service follow the same principal, but provide much more to choose.

Foodpanda, HungryNaki, Foodmart are some food delivery companies who are the leading companies in this business. Foodpanda is an international company which started their business in Germany and now operating in more than 10 countries. HungryNaki is founded by a group of five entrepreneurs based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Foodmart is also a local venture. Pathao and Uber are the two most popular ride sharing applications used by people in Dhaka and some other cities. They also stepped into the market of food delivery business which is growing faster. Patho Food and UberEats are the name of two food delivery services launched by those two giants of rideshare business.

Foodpanda covers almost entire Dhaka. From the twisting narrow alleys of old Dhaka to the posh uptown suburbs, Foodpanda is there to serve. They often offer free delivery for order worth more than Taka 100. In most cases, the delivery charge omitted from the bill as the amount of the food price is more than Taka 100.

Beside Dhaka, Hungrynaki stretched their business in Naryanganj, Sylhet and Chattogram. Based on the restaurant standard, their delivery charge ranges from Taka 45 taka to Taka 90 and minimum order also varies from Taka 150 to Taka 200. They also have some exclusive tie-ups with some restaurants that provide special offers only for HungryNaki users. So, you can spare the high delivery charge in exchange of getting a complementary meal!

Logo of Hungrynaki, Pathao and Foodmart

PathaoFood is a subsidiary of Pathao ridesharing. Through their application, you can search for restaurants in nearby areas and place your orders. Within the mentioned time, a “foodman” from Pathao will come with the food at your doorstep. In most of the cases, the foodman calls the order placer for confirmation. You can see the bill in your app and pay in cash on delivery. Most of the time, Pathao sends various promotional codes via sms to cell phone numbers. By applying the promo codes, the user can get discounts, free delivery or some special benefits. UberEats is yet to start operation in Bangladesh but the service will soon kick off.

Along with conventional restaurants and food delivery services, there are other home cooks who take orders and deliver the food at your doorstep. Foodpeon is such a service. They have a good number or registered home cooks, who offer their delicacies through this platform. Like reading conventional menu or browsing pictures, you can select your dish and order, simple as that. As they offer food from home cooks, instant delivery is not always possible. You have to place order with a good buffer time in hand, like 1 to 6 hours in hand depending on the size of order. Cookups is another such platform. From these sites, you can not only get freshly made yummy home-made foods which are healthier than restaurant foods, but also hand-made pickles, jams and other condiments.

Some independent entrepreneurs also opened page in Facebook and running their business of food delivery. 786 Food Station is one such company, owned by Hasina Begum Zeba, who is very passionate about cooking. After taking part in some culinary contests, getting praise for her magical touch, finally Zeba opened up her online food shop which serves meals and frozen foods. There are few other e-shops which sell cakes, pickles and special festival foods like rice cakes.

The busy urban life is becoming more and more demanding and leaving small amount of time for friends and family. Food delivery service could be a solution for predicaments like sudden arrival of guests or no-show of housemaid. If you want to have a hangout with friends and don’t want to keep your partner busy in the kitchen, ample of options are there for you. So, to find a resting corner, you might tap for food and sip a cup of coffee before the doorbell rings!

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