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“I thought turtle necks and boots were cliché and outdated however, now lays an avalanche of them in every color, style and decimal in my closet. Ever thought 90’s trend would make a comeback and that too, in the century of iPads and the fastest internet services? This is not just a speck of moment or mere throwback but rekindling an evolution through utilizing the aged.”

Just like any other trend, fashion works in cycle. The return of aesthetic attires reincarnated through the previous generations’ offspring or so. Everything was striking; bold and flamboyant back in the 80’s and 90’s starting from bulging shoulder pads to delicate ruffles, gigantic hats to even flashy earrings. What doesn’t lack behind are the makeup looks and style back in those centuries either.

Image Source : Gucci

From concentrated blushed cheeks, accentuated winged liners, fake moles, petite sunglasses, slicked back hair with glossy gel over layered and even high wasted trousers; some of these styles are sanctioned by the new generation, molding them as their own while the rest might still be dangling in the past decades and it’s probably better that it rests as it is.

As the 80’s fashion seeps through gradually,  some of the most renowned and dimmed down ones yet would be Patchwork Denim, Monochrome Suits, Velvet Dresses, Cropped Jeans, Fanny Packs, Sequins, Big Puffy Sleeves, Bomber Jackets, Bell Bottoms and so much more. Such revolution is playing with the minds and hearts of the fashion junkies as more brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Zara, Chanel, Fendi and the rest of top-notch gamers in the fashion industry mingle with these fashion trends with their own unique essence.

However, this leads to the head jerking realization on how can we – the commoners afford to buy and reproduce a whole new wardrobe with such rapidly evolving trends? Putting aside protagonists like Gigi Hadid or Kim Kardashian, whose restrooms are twice the size of our entire homes; we can barely make it through winter without the guilty pleasure of indulging in another fur coat.

Patwork Denim; Image Source : GQ

The secret is, fashion never dies out and is bendable to own likings just like metal. It’s always there and a way to always make it exist is to preserve or recycle. Ladies feel overwhelmed with even the thought of getting to wear their mom’s wedding dress on their big day and what makes that possible? Often preservation and other times with a little hint of new pearls, lace and silk embedded on the same dress, which is recycling.

People are ahead in the game if they have a sense of what fits and flatters them the best hence, even if it dies out of style, they store it away safely at the back of their closet. It’s always standard to believe your gut and wear what makes one feel and look confident never minding, the size or color.

Monochrome Suits; Images Source : Colsed

Wear the crop top that makes you look chic or the Duster Coat that is destined to conquer the world. People do follow the latest trends but who gives birth to it? We do. And as Coco Chanel has said,

“I don’t do Fashion. I am Fashion.”

Fashion follows wherever our endeavor takes us and that’s what keeps us crawling back to our closet to dig up the oldest item because at the end of the day people will stare, it is only fair to make it worthwhile.


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