“You are what you wear” – this is the theme most of the fashion designers refer to when asked about fashion trends. Gone are those days when attires were considered simply as a piece of clothing. Along with the passage of time quite a lot of things have happened in the fashion arena, which has drastically changed the fashion perceptions. For example, there was a time when girls used to put on hijab just to demonstrate the fact that she was a practicing Muslim. However, nowadays people no more relate hijab to some sort of religious obligation, rather girls put on hijab to flaunt newer styles.

To put it in plain words, fashion is related to style, elegance and perfection. Fashion also reflects the social and cultural aspects of a particular country. A few decades back people in our country, more or less, were more conservative and as a result the dressing style was a little conservative as well. Women used to wear loosely-fitted dresses. Moreover, fashion or styling was reserved for the crème de la crème of society (royals, aristocrats, and elite). However, gradually the concept of fashion was broadened and eventually the scope got widened. Cross-sections of people started realizing the importance of being dressed properly and beautifully. Consequently, stylish attires have successfully made their places in everyone’s closet. Soumik Das, a leading designer and owner of Rang Bangladesh, said in this regard, “There was a time when people used to relate fashion to the elite class of the society. However, the idea has dramatically taken a turn in the last few decades. Now, everyone is fashion-conscious.”

Despite the fact that we are still infatuated to traditional outfits owing to various customary values, there is no denying that, with changing times, the designers have learnt to modify even the most traditional outfit into a fashionable one. Let us explore how fashion wears and the sense of styling in our country have experienced a transformation.

At present, women are too much into experimentation. Instead of wearing the same dress every day, girls like to try out an array of attires. For example, when someone is bored of long kameezes, funky ripped jeans find its place. Girls, especially teens, are moving towards more personalized fashion. That’s why many of them want the jeans to be ripped in a pattern different from those available at stores. So, they buy jeans from fashion houses and rip them to their demand and taste.

Fusion is also quite popular among women now; they should look good on every occasion be it work or party. Girls often pair up simple ensembles to create a smart and sophisticated look. Take a black sleeveless kurti as an example. If someone pairs it up with jeans, leggings or even palazzo, it adds a fabulous fusion touch. To enhance the look, carry a beautiful shawl having floral or glittery prints depending on the type of look you want to have. Such fusions are very popular among the fashion-conscious folks.

Moreover, twenty years ago vintage style was very much prevalent in the fashion industry. However, the style is still rampant in the urban areas, but has undergone huge transformation. The retro style, the practice of imitating the fashion of the past, has recreated vintage-inspired appeal. Retro fashion has paved a way for vintage styles and patterns to hit the modern fashion industry.

Apart from these, monochrome and contrast fashion are two more realms which have been explored by fashion enthusiasts. Once black and white were very boring colours and women escaped from them; but, owing to changing trends and growing sense of aesthetic beauty, people now believe that monochrome (a combination of black and white) is the easiest colour combination to nail. For example, on top-to-toe monochrome looks clean and effortlessly chic. On the other hand, contrast fashion is the easiest way to transform a mundane look into a vibrant one. There was a time when girls used to think that the secret to creating perfect combinations lies in how all the fashion elements (attires and accessories) match each other. That’s why it was almost mandatory to maintain color combination. But now the most important issue is whether the attires are complementing your face or not. That’s why it is very usual to make combos (trying different colors at the same time) instead of putting things together that look similar.

Last but not least, fashion is now all about making a bold statement and especially women can go to any length to achieve that. For example, it may be hard for many of us to believe that sari, a traditional outfit, may be combined with a belt at the waistline to heat up the fashion game. This style has just surfaced in the fashion spectrum. Many girls are now making a statement by the dint of sari along with a belt. Well, while opting for something exotic like this, one must not spoil their look. For instance, rather than wearing a leather belt with a sari, they should go for a glittery one that matches the color of the sari.  

However, while we have talked a lot about women’s fashion trends, it will be a sensible decision to write a few words about the changes in men’s fashion as well. People involved in the fashion industry say that “clothes make the man”. It means you can judge a man’s character based on his outfits. Believing in this axiom men have also strived hard to be stylish. For example, there was a time when matching outfits were strictly the possession of women’s folks. However, time has changed. When the girls are shifting towards contrast fashion, boys are buying dresses matching those with other accessories such as belt, bracelet and shoes. Moreover, even a decade ago men used to wear skin-tight denims and pants. However, men are now more inclined towards semi-narrow trousers and jeans. To put in a few words, ‘casual’ and ‘minimalism’ are the two words that are defining men’s fashion now.  

To conclude, the fact that designers in our country are now very much aware of the westernized concepts in terms of fashion has ushered in a new era in our fashion industry where women don’t feel hesitant to make bold and fashionable choices. The only thing that women should keep in mind while styling their outfits is that fashion reflects their personality and it should be carried out in a sensible way that helps them stand out perfectly from the crowd.

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