Students of any country are the seedlings for that nation’s development. These students thrive through their struggling endeavors to contribute to the community in their passionate way. But, what happens when the ambiance itself is not supportive of a fortune? This very question has played with the minds of those ambitious students, who had to decide to leave their motherland and settle for their studies abroad.

The education system of Bangladesh has always been in question, the fairness and the appropriateness constantly remained in a gray area. However, this very struggling hollow system has managed to maintain its flow without the least concerns about the brewing gems of the future- the students. Now, when the students get in an age of taking in decisions for themselves, they understand that the systematic infrastructure of this country’s education is very superficial and hollow. The students concerned for their better days, fail to find certainty in the constraints of the system and drool with the other demotivating issues within the country.

The opportunity cost of studying in Bangladeshi universities might not be instantly visible, but the tradeoff is expensive enough. The students miss out on an actual university experience if they get enrolled in Bangladeshi universities. The existence of appropriate campus space is rarely found in these universities, which deprives the students from experiencing a better campus life. The universities crawl in the small spaces of the congested city, cramming in the minimum space they find. Yet, they attempt to provide competitive education; however, the failure resides in the roots. Lack of dormitory spaces arranged by the universities often compels the students to travel from home. The traveling distance is not always in favor, and making it worse is the roads packed with traffic. The condition of the roads is mostly on the edge of falling, making the journeys more hectic for the commuters. In a student’s life, while handling all the pressure of exams and other responsibilities, traveling to university daily just adds another burden to the list. That is why, the students with an opportunity for a choice, flee out to experience smoother university life in the foreign lands.

While studying in foreign universities, these migrated students often indulge in part-time jobs very easily. The reason is not only their need for money, but they also do it to get a stamp on their portfolio of experiences. Likewise, those students start exploring themselves that they could not do while residing in Bangladesh. They get to mold themselves in their self-dedicated ways, with no strings pulling them back. Here in Bangladesh, finding oneself is as difficult as finding an appropriate job. The students are more or less burdened with a lot of externalities and additionally weighed down by the constraints of criticisms that often limit those unexposed potential worth of pursuing.

Leaving Bangladesh is not easy, but living in it is not easy either. While the children in this country develop as capable students, the country keeps on providing them with only inconvenience. Political instability, lack of social security, traffic-congested roads, polluted air to breathe, unavailability of jobs, uncertain career paths- all these, when added with just the education and exam pressures, make the students more suffocated in the country. The motivations of studying abroad are not only to see the world or to get a better education but for the students of a country like Bangladesh, it is also to escape the negativities of this toxic environment and lead a life- much simpler and safer.

Mohammad Rezaul Haque


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