Our music industry is growing but it is also true that this scene, the rock scene in particular, is replete with some problems. One of the problems is probably the stability. The scene is not stable because the bands are not well united and as a result every now and then we see that band members leave their band and form a new one. It seems that the tantrum in the music industry is never going to stop.

Shafin’s boundless drama enthralls all

Shafin Ahmed

Shafin Ahmed has made headlines quite a few times because of melodramatic relation with the band ‘Miles’. In December 2017 Shafin decided to quit the band as there were some unresolved issues (according to his statement). At that time amidst controversy frontman Shafin Ahmed even issued a legal notice to stop the use of the band’s name in any concert without his approval and he claimed the ownership of the band. According to unofficial sources, there were some disagreements regarding the distribution of royalty and income incurred from concerts among the band members and even other members sided with his brother Hamin Ahmed. This infuriated Shafin. However within a few days they settled the issues and Shafin joined Miles again. Of late, Shafin has even joined politics in a dramatic turn and this year he contested for the Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) mayoral by-election.


Mizan parts his ways from Warfaze

There was a time when people used to feel so enthralled if there was any performance by Warfaze, a heavy metal band. Their former vocalist Mizan earned repute among the rock lovers within a short period of time owing to his depth in voice. However Mizan suddenly decided to quit the band in April 2016. However the band at that time claimed that the decision was taken based on mutual understanding and there was no issue of misunderstanding or disagreement. In a facebook post the band said at the time of his departure, “The band remains grateful for his participation from 2000-2002 and 2007-2016 and wishes him all success in life. He will be missed on stage and in the studios; but we will surely move on Insha’Allah.” Later on, Mizan formed a new band in January 2017 named ‘Mizan & Brothers’ along with Shams-uz-Zaman and Himal Rahman on guitar, Arafat Shawon on keyboard, Mritunjoy Shetu on drums and Raajue Sheikh on bass guitar.

Oni Hasan

Oni Hasan leaves Warfaze and moves to U.S

Oni Hasan, a promising musician, was the lead guitarist of Warfaze in 2007. Back then he was so popular that he turned a lot of head with his performance. However he left the band in 2007 and moved to the USA for pursuing higher studies. He was indeed a trend-setter in guitar-playing and many fans were just crazy about him. Even many of the aspiring guitarists were so influenced by his style and performance. Despite the fact that he has been living outside the country for so many years he has kept making us proud. Last year famous guitar company Carvin/Kiesel Guitars endorsed him as one of their official musicians. “I want to tell you guys out there who are starting a career in music: Don’t you dare stop dreaming regardless of where you come from”, said ecstatic Oni on his official Facebook page after the inclusion. Many of his fans still talk about him and his jamming.


Tuhin’s departure from Shironamhin shocks many fans

‘Shironamhin’, a band widely popular among youths, was formed in 1996 with some students from BUET and since then Tuhin has been the lead vocalist of this popular band. However in 2017 Tanzir Tuhin parted his ways with the band due to internal conflict. During his illness in 2017 the band decided to perform in one of the gigs with another vocal in place of Tuhin. Such decision hurt him and consequently he decided to quit. Tuhin said in an interview that he had to take such a decision because he felt that his fellow band members preferred money to friendship. Just two months after his exit from ‘Shironamhin’ Tuhin formed another band named ‘Avash’ with Suman on guitar, Raju on bass, Rinku on drums and Shaon on keyboards.


Artcell refuses to work with Ershad

Last year in February Artcell suddenly decided not to continue with Ershad, their lead guitarist. George Lincoln De Costa, the vocal of the band, posted a status on Facebook in this regard saying, “Dear fans, we (Lincoln, Shaju and Sezan) don’t want to work with Ershad anymore. We have officially conveyed our decision to him.” Other members of the band also claimed that Ershad was illegally controlling their (Artcell) facebook page and circulated many misleading information on many occasions. All these forced them to stop working with Ershad. Later Artcell recruited Faisal to replace Ershad.

To conclude, there will be ups and downs in the music industry and yet we hope that the rock scene will keep growing so that the head-bangers never feel frustrated.

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