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As the breezy dusk invites in;

The clinging of a spectrum

And sets a new stage for the horizon,

Reconciliation hits my being

Injecting a euphoric sensation along my soul.

In this timeless span of light years;

All it took was for me to know the fundamentals of what we’ve been taught –

Since the beginning of Time.

They say we live in a multiverse which comprises of everything, that exists-

Space, Time, Law, Matter, Vacuum,

Or in a cheesy aspect – Multiple reactions to a specific scenario by the same Human.

It took me a great deal to comprehend that all of Physics and Chemistry,

Never minding the obvious – Biology;

Has been teaching us an elongated structure of Love.

Why it happens when it does,

How it happens when it strikes and When.

‘Time’ here is vital.

In this multiverse and in this moment,

We could be saying and reacting completely different

Than what’s been already said.

When people say, their loved ones sweep them off their feet,

It’s actually gravity not holding you down to earth anymore.

Like you’re floating in thin air,

Like you have no fluids or matter holding you down anymore.

It’s Them.

That’s Physics.

And although, I’ve never understood why Chemistry existed or its lesser known

Bonds, reactions and combinations;

I do understand or am close to about Chemical Reactions.

When the longing for one another goes tighter

Or a room full of stoic volume still persists to deafening silence,

When the love drug hits and cupid’s arrow penetrates

That’s a chemical reaction but fascinating, as it stems within two hearts.

When it tingles at one’s sight or flutters with touch;

Those little tug on our every living cell and the lighting up of our brains,

Just when two eyes meet –

That’s Chemistry doing it’s hocus-pocus.

And we fall every time,

In an endless time of Love and Space.

Everything in motion stops for that one person.

Everything can again be set in motion through that one person.

The rigorous act of inertia may deepen –

With that one person breathing, loving and in that multiverse,

When you know that, you’d act this way in every dimension;

React to this feeling in every universe you step foot in.

You know that your life has burst into flames like a Supernova.

And will continue to burn ever so brightly –

With that one person.

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