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Hiron Akhter, a young handsome man beginning his first year at a college under national university, left the college after enthusiastically participating in the orientation programme along with his friends. His friends noticed nothing unnatural or weird in his behaviour. Unfortunately, the next day he was found hanging from the ceiling fan. In plain words, he committed suicide. But why? Wasn’t he eager to live? But who doesn’t want to live? People do so many things, sometimes even involve themselves in something illicit, just to survive and retain the life-force. If so, then what kind of force leads them to kill themselves?

Often people who are about to commit suicide suffer from indecisiveness that arises from the conflict of emotion. The conflict is basically between the kind of emotion that corresponds to suicidal attitude and the emotion that can be related to the keenness to live. When a person with nothing to live for decides to commit suicide, his/her suicidal emotion overshadows his/her willingness to live. Consequently they feel that they have nothing to live for in their life. But in such cases, people often commit mistakes in judging their life out of desperation and impetuosity. And such error in the verdict leads them to believe that their life is not worthy enough to be continued. For instance- the rate of suicide is very high among the youths in Japan. The rate is high because their youths feel that they have simply nothing to live for. By the time they reach 25 it seems that they have gained everything they want from their life and consequently the desire to continue life comes to an end.

Well, the psychological mystery behind suicide remains unresolved in many cases. In such cases, one may fail to interpret the exact reason of suicide. Jibanananda Das, one of the most renowned Bengali romantic poets, has reflected the theme of suicide in his poem “Aat Bochor Ager Ekdin” and eventually made an attempt to explain why a person commits suicide leaving behind so many well-wishers. He concludes stating metaphorically that there are many more reasons other than the traditional known reasons behind a suicide. People often commit suicide because of some unknown reason that keeps haunting them and instigating them to end their life. But it is mentionable that such assumption is strictly fictional, not based on any scientific grounds.

Meanwhile, it should be stated that recent years have seen a spike in the rate of suicide. Many young men and women are now committing suicide. According to data from Police Headquarters, in 2017, 11,095 people committed suicide in Bangladesh. It means that 30 people kill themselves every day on an average. Out of all those deceased souls, 569 hanged themselves, 3,467 took poison, and 59 people set themselves on fire. Even students studying at Dhaka University are pursuing the same path sometimes. According to a report published in one of the leading English dailies, the number of DU students who committed suicide in 2018 is 9 whereas the number was only 4 in 2017. So, it is clear from these stats that the rate is on the rising trend. We will not understand what prompts so many people to commit suicide- when their prospects are expected to be the brightest- unless we consider that they are facing a world that may seem not to have any place for them. And they get to know it. As soon as they start to feel that way, they get hurt by the realization that they are not welcome in the world. Such awareness, though a subjective one, often lead them to believe that their life is worthless and such feeling inspires them to kill themselves by adopting any kind of violent ways.

This is really staggering. So many people around us are convinced to end their life journey but we do not even know about that. But the fact is that our little attention and proper aid could save them. To do so, we can follow the path depicted in ‘Hemlock society’, an Indian-Bangla film. In the film the female protagonist wants to commit suicide. In the meantime, she meets the male protagonist who is the founder of ‘Hemlock Society’. The prime job of ‘Hemlock Society’, as it seems from the surface meaning, is to assist the aspirants in committing suicide successfully. But they actually uses comic element dexterously to bring out the fear of death that may refrain people from ending their life. We can also do the same. If we come to know about someone who is in such dilemma, we should try to make them realize what difference his/her loss will mean to his/her near and dear ones. Meanwhile we should inspire them to drink life to the lees so that those people realize that life is a gift.  

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